The Naked Shop - Europe's First Liquid Bulk Store


The Naked Shop, in Paris, is Europe’s first liquid bulk store. Maria Del Mar opened it in late 2018 to sell over 25 cleaning products and over 30 different liquid soaps and other liquid cosmetics. 

"The idea behind the name of the store, The Naked Shop, was that we really wanted to give people products without any packaging.”, says Maria.

What makes this store particularly charming is the distributor concept, designed by Maria’s engineering husband. With these self-serving distributors you can fill up glass bottles (3 available sizes) with shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid - all in the desired quantities. When you make your first purchase, the glass bottle is charged. You can then come and fill it again in the store. If you decide to change the product, your bottle is exchanged. And if you want to return the bottle, the amount of the deposit is refunded. Your old bottle will be washed, disinfected and returned to service. This deposit system was put in place to avoid any packaging waste.

In addition to the liquid products, the store also offers items to help you adopt a more zero waste lifestyle. These items include water bottles, bamboo toothbrush, menstrual cups, washable cotton pads…. a diverse list of items to encourage you to progressively cut down your consumption waste.

Bulk shopping for cosmetics and cleaning products has never been easier!