#PlasticBottleCitarum is a multi-episode video series about an expedition by Gary and Sam, two brothers who descended the world’s most polluted river on plastic bottle kayaks.


#PickUpAPieceOfTrash is a 30-video series about people leading the way to a more sustainable life on the island of Bali. The series obtained over 20 million views through reposts on the following media outlets.


For one month, Rob Greenfield wore every single piece of trash he created to show a visual of how much trash the average American creates. Here is a list of the media outlets who covered it.

#Recycled Mississippi

Recycled Mississippi is an expedition that we participated in, in which we sailed down the Mississippi River on a boat made from plastic bottles. Here is a list of media who covered the expedition.

The Reclamation

THE RECLAMATION is a 40 minute documentary exploring Tolak Reklamasi, one of the largest environmental movements in the history of Indonesia. THE RECLAMATION just launched a 2-part web video series for streaming worldwide.