Week 1 Updates

Week 1 updates through Instagram posts/photos and notes. For more daily updates please follow Sam Bencheghib directly via his instagram channel.

@sambencheghib on July 27th | #Ocean2Ocean has finally started!!! What a magical morning and send off from NYC! I was so inspired by all those who came to support me and run with me today, whether for the first mile or the entire day. I can’t thank you enough! Here’s to a few hundred thousand steps to go, each and everyone of them for the ocean.

15/3101 MILES
Photo by Kyle Berman


@sambencheghib on July 29th | Day 4: loving life on the road. 19 miles in today for a total of 63 miles since Friday morning! Found a good routine by splitting up my runs into two 10-mile runs. Other half of my day is spent planning events along my route. Some exciting ones coming up! NJ, you’ve been great, but PA I’m coming for you!

63/3103 MILES
Photo by Gary Bencheghib


@sambencheghib on July 30th, 2019 | Day 5: Pushed through to 24 miles today. Super excited to be crossing the PA border tomorrow morning and entering the old stomping ground, Lehigh University. To anyone in Bethlehem, come join us for a short talk at the UC Flag Pole at noon!

87/3101 MILES
Photo by Joshua Madre


@sambencheghib on July 31st, 2019 | First 100 miles done and crossed the PA border! What an amazing way to celebrate this first milestone. @lehighu thank you so much for welcoming me with arms open and for all your continued support. First week has been incredible.

105/3101 MILES
Photos by Justin Lafleur

Gary Bencheghib