Bali's ZeroWaste Bulk Store is Already Opening Its Fourth Location!


Zero Waste Bali is the first zero waste bulk store in Indonesia. Since its opening in mid 2018 in Kerobokan, it has been so successful that it is now opening three new locations; one in Ubud, Canggu and a fourth one in Uluwatu.

Zero Waste Bali offers more than 200 food and non food items that are all organic, GMO free and package free.

The shop also provides tips for people trying to live a more eco conscious lifestyle. 

“You don’t need anything really wrapped in plastic. My advice is to start slow. It doesn’t happen overnight and if you start with one small change by you doing that and a hundred other people doing that, all those little changes will contribute to the greater cause”, explains Silvija Rumiha, founder of Zero Waste Bali.