Do You Already Have Your Produce Bags?


We are increasingly being reminded to bring a tote bag to the grocery store to avoid using plastic bags, but it is not the only single-use plastic bag that we encounter in the supermarket. Plastic produce bags - the very thin, colourless, transparent bags we see in the fresh produce aisles - are just as problematic. They are difficult to recycle and very difficult to reuse and therefore end up straight in landfill.

There are just as many solutions for replacing single-use produce bags with reusables as there are for shopping bags. This video highlights one of these options: recycled PET plastic mesh bags.

PET is the plastic that water bottles is made from. It’s durable. The PET plastic bottles can be recycled into a mesh that is used to make reusable produce bags. These bags have a lower carbon footprint than other “new” bags since they are made from 100% recycled material.