Week 5 Updates

Week 5 updates through Instagram posts/photos and notes. For more daily updates please follow Sam Bencheghib directly via his instagram channel.


@sambencheghib on August 30th, 2019 | Day 36: We’re leaving Columbus, Ohio inspired and energized 💪 We spent 2 full days here hosting talks, cleanups, meetings and interviews with local environment groups, recycling facilities, activists, Ohio State University students and local government council members.
There is definitely hope in Columbus for a more sustainable and plastic free future and seeing the open-mindedness of the folks out here motivates me to keep running and continue on to the next city.

Thank you for the hospitality @cosiscience, @green_columbus,@emmanuel_v_remy,@rumpkewasterecycling

And @ebb.and.float for the salt bath recovery! ✨

Next stop: Dayton, Ohio

588/3101 MILES
Photos by Joshua Madre

Gary Bencheghib