Meet the 22-Year-Old Running from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean


Sam is going to run across the U.S. from New York to LA to address plastic pollution in an attempt to be the first person to cross the American continent using recycled plastic shoes. 

On July 26th, he will begin his Ocean2Ocean run, covering 3,000 miles and 13 U.S. states, from N.Y.C to L.A., from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. 

Along his journey, Sam will be hosting educational presentations at schools and universities, organizing events such as zero-waste workshops, documentary screenings, street and city cleanups and run-alongs (plogging) with running clubs and athlete organizations. 

During this expedition, Sam and the team will also be producing a series of videos to document this journey and the people they will meet along the way. By producing weekly videos, they will include portraits of sustainable initiatives  as well as updates on his running adventures.

By running 20 miles a day, 6 days a week for 5 months, Sam wants to show that anyone can make a difference if they take the first step. Whether that step be to run across America, to reduce plastic consumption, or to make a single donation.

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