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We are more than a media outlet

Make A Change World is on a mission to do good by launching world first expeditions and creating awareness video campaigns.

In 2009, we founded Make A Change Bali after witnessing the once pristine beaches of Indonesia transition into landfills of plastic pollution. Make A Change World is an expansion of the work we did in Bali. We share stories of change-makers from around the world via 1-2min videos to raise awareness for causes we care about.


Upcoming Projects

Over the last few months we have been in full preparation to launch these upcoming projects.

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Sam is going to run across the U.S. from New York to LA starting this June to address plastic pollution in an attempt to be the first person to cross the American continent using recycled plastic shoes. 

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Starting in late August, Gary will be bamboo biking 5,500km across his adopted nation to empower clean up efforts in the country’s most polluted waterways and amplify a network of water warriors who are dedicated to preserve the world’s biggest archipelago.

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A film about stark realities, adventure & optimism. By kayaking down the citarum river on plastic bottles and documenting their journey along the way, two Indonesian raised brothers were able to activate a whole country in cleaning up the world’s most polluted river.

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Videos for Change