Changing the world, one view at a time.

Make A Change World is on a mission to do good by launching world first expeditions and creating awareness video campaigns.

In 2009, we founded Make A Change Bali after witnessing the once pristine beaches of Indonesia transition into landfills of plastic pollution. Make A Change World is an expansion of the work we did in Bali. We share stories of change-makers from around the world via 1-2min videos to raise awareness for causes we care about.


We believe in the power of storytelling and effective online videos as a source of inspiration.

Our platform exists to share stories of the organizations and the people we admire. We promote their initiatives with the hope of encouraging our viewers to make small changes towards living a more sustainable life.


If you have a great story to share or would like to collaborate, please reach out to the email addresses below.


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Who are we?

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