Solar Powered Traditional Fishing Boats


Julien Mélot, a Belgium engineer, is transforming traditional fishing boats to run on solar power.

“The philosophy behind was to say, boat builders have been building those boats for centuries. They know exactly what works here, so we embrace that old boat building tradition and we merge it with the highest renewable energy technology”, Julien tells us.

Their first boat has sailed over 2,000 km around Indonesia without using a single drop of gas.

Azura Marine, Julien’s company, is sharing this technology with the local community. The company is also currently designing and building a new line of high-efficiency catamarans that would be ideal for dive centres operating in marine parks and national reserves. These catamarans would also be well suited for ferry transportation and yatching. 

“It is definitely the next class of boats that will allow us to continue faring the world without destroying it”, concludes Julien in his interview.